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About Us

Long Island Yard Greetings owner - Regina O'Sullivan

My name is Regina O'Sullivan and I am the owner and worker bee of Long Island Yard Greetings.  Aside from spreading smiles and laughs while celebrating life's little moments, I am also a wife, and mom of a busy teenage boy.  I work full-time as a customer service representative and was looking for a creative outlet - needed to get away from the computer screen and get outdoors!  

About Me

Long Island Yard Greetings - why I started

Why I Started

A little on how I got early 2021, I came across a post on Facebook with these amazing yard signs and thought to myself....I need this for my son's 14th Birthday.  The smile on my son's face when he first saw it was absolutely priceless!!  So I decided to take a leap of faith and start a business of my own here on Long Island to keep the smiles going.  Smiles are infectious!!

Thank you for supporting my small business!!

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